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January 2008
Volume I, Issue I

Happy New Year from SmokinTex!

It's a great time to enjoy smoked food, isn't it? The warm taste of a smoked turkey or even smoked nuts makes you forget all about the blustery weather outside.

And speaking of smoked nuts, don't miss our recipe for them from SmokinChef Sandy in this issue. You'll never want to eat nuts any other way.

We're glad you're a part of the SmokinTex family. May 2008 be a year of delicious, smoked goodness for you and yours!

Happy Smokin!

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From SmokinChef Sandy . . .

Here's a simple recipe that will have your friends and family begging you to get the SmokinTex smoking more often.

Amazing Smoked Nuts

Purchase a 2-lb. can of salted mixed nuts.

Use 2 chunks of hickory wood in the wood box and smoke the nuts at 225F for about 40-45 min. Spread out directly on the seafood rack so they don't fall through the cracks.

After that time, turn off the unit and leave the door closed for the nuts to cool inside.

When cool, return them to the original nut container until you're ready to serve them or pack them for gifts.

If you have a few too many nuts for the seafood rack, put the extras on a piece of foil and put that directly on a regular grill rack. When they're in the smoker, poke holes in the foil to let some smoke through.

The nuts smoked on the seafood rack may taste smokier, so mix them all together when serving.
These are fantastic for football get-togethers, hunting trips or just as a great snack when you get home from work.

I packed them in baggies and labeled them, then tied with a silver ribbon to give to the neighbors.

I think my neighbors will love me until at least 2009 when I pass them out again!

January 2008
Volume I, Issue I

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