December 2020 Vol. XII, Issue X
November 2020 Vol. XII, Issue IX

Sept/Oct 2020 Vol. XII, Issue VIII
July/August  2020  Vol. XIII, Issue VII
June  2020          Vol. XIII, Issue VI
May   2020          Vol. XIII, Issue V
April    2020          Vol. XIII, Issue IV
March 2020          Vol. XIII, Issue III
February 2020     Vol. XIII, Issue II
January 2020       Vol. XIII, Issue I
December 2019   Vol. XII, Issue XII
November 2019   Vol. XII, Issue XI
October 2019       Vol. XII, Issue X
September 2019  Vol. XII, Issue IX
August 2019         Vol. XII, Issue VIII
July 2019               Vol. XII, Issue VII
June 2019              Vol. XII, Issue VI
May 2019                Vol. XII, Issue V
April 2019               Vol. XII, Issue IV
March 2019            Vol. XII, Issue III
February 2019       Vol. XII, Issue II
January 2019         Vol. XII, Issue I
December 2018     Vol. XI, Issue XII
November 2018     Vol. XI, Issue XI
October 2018        Vol. XI, Issue X
September 2018   Vol. XI, Issue IX
August  2018    Vol. XI, Issue VIII
July  2018          Vol. XI, Issue VII

June  2018         Vol. XI, Issue VI
May  2018         Vol. XI, Issue V
April 2018         Vol. XI, Issue IV
March 2018         Vol. XI, Issue III
February 2018         Vol. XI, Issue II
January 2018           Vol. XI, Issue I

December 2017       Vol. X, Issue XII
November  2017      Vol. X, Issue XI
October  2017           Vol. X, Issue X
September  2017      Vol. X, Issue IX
  • Tailgating with Pulled Pork
  • 32lb. Boston Butt Cook
  • Vinagar Sauce for Pulled Pork
  • Detailed Cook/Smoke
  • BDC's NC Pork Shoulder
  • Secret To Crispy Chicken Wings
  • DIY Smoker Stands
August   2017            Vol. X, Issue VIII
July   2017                  Vol. X, Issue VII
June  2017                  Vol. X, Issue VI
  • Reverse Seared Smoked Ribeye
  • Simple Smoked Pork Steaks
  • Smoked Pork Tenderloin
  • Video: Smoked Pork Tenderloin by Chef Sandy
  • Build That Outdoor Kitchen
  • Still Smokin After 7 Feet of Water
  • Commercial 1500 CXLD
May 2017                     Vol. X, Issue V
April 2017                    Vol. X, Issue IV
  • Apple Wood Smoke Prime Rib
  • Sugar Cured Salmon
  • Smoked Beans Recipes
  • Video: Smoked Salmon
  • Video: SmokinTex New Video
  • SmokinTex Commercial Smokers
  • Tip: Crispy Chicken Skin
March 2017                 Vol. X, Issue III
  • Video: Smokin Bacon-Sean C.
  • Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
  • Curing Pork Bellies
  • Bacon Bacon-Sodaking27
  • Smoked Jerky Links
  • Video: How To Smoke Cheese
February 2017            Vol. X, Issue II
  • Brisket Brisket Brisket
  • Video: Smoking The Perfect Brisket
  • Dan's Fantastic Smoked Salmon
  • Cilantro Marinated Salmon
January 2017              Vol. X, Issue I
  • Smoked Hot Wings Recipes
  • Pastrami Recipes
  • Pecan Wood Smoked Chicken
  • Brined Chickens by Pahkong

December 2016  Volume IX, Issue XII
November 2016  Volume IX, Issue XI
October 2016         Volume IX, Issue X

Volume I-IX
September 2016

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