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outdoor kitchens

SmokinTex electric smoker built-in slideoutSmokinTex electric smoker built-in
See how Mad Dog built in his SmokinTex model 1400 here.

SmokinTex BBQ Smoker built in kitchen
Beautiful outdoor kitchen from Shane S.

SmokinTex model 1500 builtinModel 1500 Outdoor Kitchen
SmokinTex Model 1500 Built-In Outdoor Kitchen by Jim E.   Atlanta

SmokinTex BBQ Smoker Stand
SmokinTex Model 1400 Built-In Stand by Tim O.

SmokinTex electric smoker built-inSmokinTex electric smokerw drawer
Photos courtesy of McGonigal

SmokinTex bbq electric smokerSmokinTex electric smoker outdoor kitchen
Photos courtesy of Burlis

SmokinTex bbq electric smoker outdoor kitOutdoor Kitchen w/ SmokinTex electric smoker
See what J. Kurzner says about his built-in here on SmokinTex Forums.

SmokinTex bbq smoker builtinSmokinTex model 1400 electric smoker
Photos courtesy of M.Schlink

SmokinTex BBQ Smoker built inSmokinTex Electric Smoker Cabinet
                 Photo by Bob C.                           Photo by Kevin L. SmokinTex Model 1400 on side shelf of cabinet.

1400 built intop hole 1400
Built-In SmokinTex Model 1400 with Top Hole by Tim.

SmokinTex Model 1400 electric smoker
Photo courtesy of Plumer

SmokinTex model 1400 on wheels with smoke hole built in top of counter.

SmokinTex Model 1500 BBQ Smoker  Outdoor kitchen
Texas Dave's Outdoor Kitchen with a SmokinTex 1500 with smoke pipe.

outdoor kitchen
Mickey Leonard

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