Smoked Trimmed Brisket Flat

Trimmed Brisket is the best to use; I buy the “Flat” at my local wholesale club.
I generally purchase 6-8 pound sizes …
(1) I rinse the brisket off in cold water, and dry with a paper towel.

(2) I first rub the leaner side first.
a. With French’s Yellow Mustard, and then use the Fiesta Brand “Brisket Rub” to completely coat that side.

(3) I then place the brisket fat side up on the cooking rack and repeat the same process.
a. With French’s Yellow Mustard, and then use the Fiesta Brand “Brisket Rub” to completely coat that side.

(4) I line the bottom of my SmokinTex 1400 with foil and then foil the top of the chip lid. This make for much easier clean up.

(5) I the load the SmokinTex 1400 chip tray with Hickory & Pecan, plus I add 2-4 charcoal briquettes to help secure a nice smoke ring.

(6) I then load my cooking racks with already prepared Flats and I use the Maverick Dual Probe wireless Cooking Thermometer and insert them in to the thickest part of the largest flats and the anther in to the thicket part of the smallest flat. This way I can watch the temperature on the largest as well as the smallest to better judge the overall cooking time.

(7) I set my SmokinTex 1400 to 225-230F and when the internal temperature reaches 165-170F I then will place the Flats in to Aluminum 1/2 size steamer insert pans and cover with the to Aluminum 1/2 size steamer insert lids. (Also purchased at my local wholesale club.)

(8) I close my SmokinTex 1400 door and in 2-3 hours remove the flats from the smoker and let rest for about 1 hour.

(9) Then end result if the best, moist, and tender brisket you will ever eat.

I own several other electric smokers, and have cooked many briskets on them. And it was a pain to figure out the right process. But when I first got the SmokinTex 1400 and after following the seasoning process, I then cooked my 100th – 104th briskets. And they all were the best I had ever cooked. All I had to do was prep, load, and lock, and the SmokinTex 1400 did the rest.

 Posted on our SmokinTex Forums by member n5zbj.


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