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Brisket Smoked In Peach Paper
By Mark Shore

Smoked Brisket In Peach Paper

“This is a Snake River Farms Wagyu black label brisket. Probably the nicest brisket I've ever handled. Really flexible.

SmokinTex 1500 Brisket

I used a new brisket rub for the first time. Oakridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket Rub. It's pretty good. Has coffee in it. No MSG and not much sugar.

I smoked with pecan chunks at 225F. in my SmokinTex 1500 smoker.

Brisket In Peach Paper

Let stall at 165F. Wrapped with peach paper. Let it go to 203F. internal temp.

Let rest in ice chest 1 hour."

Smoked Brisket

Look at that beautiful bark!

Thanks Mark!

Plated Smoked Brisket From an Electric Smoker

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