Ron's Oak Wood Smoked Brisket

"Bought at Kroger.

Fully rubbed with Saltgrass 7 (takes a half of bottle for one brisket).

Allow to sit out all day after rubbed to bring it to room temp.

Loaded smoker with oak this time but you can use anything. Wife tends to like the stronger smoke (hickory, oak, mesquite.)

Set temp at 200F and insert probe in thickest part of the brisket taking care to stop the probe tip as close to the center as possible.

Smoke until internal temp hits 185F degrees.

Turn smoker down to 120F, pull probe, and FULLY wrap brisket with aluminum foil sealing it completely.

Place back in smoker for an additional 30 mins. then  turn smoker off allowing it to slowly cool over the next hour.

You can also use an oven inside for this step but most ovens will only go as low as 170F.

Allow to rest for an additional hour on the counter wrapped, then open the foil and taste the greatness!!!!"

Thanks Ron!

Photos by Ron.

Ron smoked his awesome brisket in his SmokinTex 1500 BBQ electric smoker.

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