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SmokinTex Forum member DFW contributed this detailed information about one cook with his SmokinTex model 1100.

Detailed Cook Time and Other Info

"Since the question of cook times comes up quite often, I thought I'd post the data from the pork shoulder that I cooked today. It should be stressed that cook times should be based on internal temperature of the meat measured with a good temperature probe, but this should at least give everyone some useful data on approximate cook times so as to get a general idea on when to start cooking. Reference the chart below for what temperatures to expect during the cooking process. Note the "BBQ stall" between hours 8 and 14.

After the meat reached an internal temp of 180F, I bumped the SmokinTex temp to 250F to give the meat a little better bark. I injected the roast 6 hours prior to the cook start time. At no time during the cook process did I open the door for any reason. After roasting I wrapped the roast in a double layer of aluminum foil and placed the roast inside a cooler with some towels placed on top to rest for 2 hours prior to pulling.

 For further reading, this is an excellent link for further information regarding what causes the "BBQ stall"

 Meat: 9.69lb Whole Pork Shoulder Roast (Butt + Picnic) Bone-in

 Cooker: SmokinTex model 1100

 Rack: Middle with slides in upper position

 Wood: 2-2oz chunks (~4oz total) Hickory

 Inject: Yes

 Rub: Yes

 Cooker set temp: 225F initially, 250F @ 180F meat internal temp

 Meat target temperature: 200F

 Total cook time: 16.5 hours

 Hours per lb: 1.7

 Thermometer: Maverick ET-732 dual probe

 Water bath: No

 OAT at cook start: 86F

 Meat temp at cook start: 42F"

DFW SmokinTex Forum member

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