SmokinTex Operator

Your SmokinTex bbq electric smoker, no matter which model, residential or commercial, has so many capabilities. Along with smoking amazing barbecue like ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage and the like, your smoker can serve as a slow-cook oven (without the smoky taste) for meals like roast or turkey.

Try its cold smoking capability with dishes like smoked salmon and for amazing hors d'oeuvres like your favorite smoked cheeses.

Ever smoked a pizza? Try it!

And don't forget delicious side dishes like smoked potatoes and smoked vegetables. The possibilities are endless!

When preparing meals for large crowds, one of the hardest things to do is keep everything warm until it gets to the table. There's so much to prepare!

No problem. Your SmokinTex smoker can even be used as a warming oven.

Have a great recipe to share? We'd love to see it. It might even end up in our monthly newsletter to share with other SmokinTex fans! Send it to us at

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